The Simplest Things


I went shooting to find a waterfall in Winter time. Needless to say, I didn’t find it. Instead, I found a small town with, “small town charm” and clearly they didn’t care what people thought of them for it. I parked my car along side the street – it took a few tries considering I didn’t properly parallel park. I cheated with the, pull-in nose first then try and straighten out. It worked out okay, I got the car in and we all had plenty of room (thank goodness for small little sedans). I turned off the car, loaded my Yashica-Mat EM with film and while doing so, I explained to my friend what I was doing. “See when the arrows line up, then the back is ready to close and we can wind the film to the start.” Putting the camera strap over my head, I grabbed my Pentax K20D as a safety net. The Yashica-Mat EM, does have a built in light meter however, I was a little rusty with the use of it – I needed the Pentax just to double check.

I walked around the car, tossed the spare set of keys to my friend (just in case I lose my keys or lock them in the car, we have a spare on us) and I see this amazing scene. I am here in this town to find something, anything to shoot for my homework assignments. I have to use my film camera to take 120mm images, take digital photos for a photo series, and in addition to that – I must be inspired by a photographer from before the 1940s and emulate their work. (These are just the things that are due this next week!) I have taken only a few shots so far today and I had been driving for over two hours and here before me was this serendipitous find. An image that I knew I had to take. The Sun was high in the sky – about noon – the crisp, cool winter mountain air and these stairs… My goodness, these stairs. I fired off a few shots with my Pentax, my friend turned around to look at what I was shooting. I had no idea what this building was or why it has a staircase rising up, what seemed to be the back of the building, and a bucket – an old wooden bucket – sitting there perfectly placed. This was the most beautiful thing I had seen all day and that is saying something considering I just came down from the mountain tops covered with snow. My friend asked me why I took a photo of this, what assignment would I use this for. I told him, this one is for me, (“The Simplest Thing”) this one is because I wanted to take it, it is a beautiful scene. He smiled and agreed at the beauty. We then continued our walk down Main Street and took in the “small town charm”.



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