Principles Of Photography Week 9

I hope you guys enjoyed the street photography, I had a ton of fun working with it and going out making the images –you know minus the whole first day at the bus depot. The photos received a really nice response from my teacher, however, the class did not get to see them. We ran out of time for looking at them during critique oh well. I got an A on the assignment anyway!

We skipped week eight and went into week nine because this was a self portrait photo week. We had to crate a self portrait of our physical being and then we had to create one without us in it – the essence of ourselves.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for myself. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted for my essence photo, something to do with cutting out letters from a magazine to do a ransom for myself, for my potential or something like that.

What really happened with my self portrait. Sigh. I wrote three words that I felt that described me — Scared, Strong, Small. I then asked my friend Vic to come up with three words that he felt that described me – Loud, Bubbly, Happy. It was a strange thing to hear. He had this external view of what he felt was the best way to describe me and I had this scared frail trio of words that I felt described me. It was inside vs. outside. How I felt vs. how I was portrayed. I learned a lot about me, I show off happiness but I don’t always feel it, I’m scared sometimes, a lot of times. I feel like I lack a presence but somehow I am viewed as Loud. I feel strong in my beliefs and mind set but sometimes I appear silly and Bubbly and maybe not taken as serious as I would like to be sometimes but still Happy and Loud at the same time.

With that being said. I created a self portrait image to reflect me with both sets of words. I came up with the idea, hours before class. I set up my studio equipment in my old bedroom with the amazing green walls. The flash could not be used so the lights were simply used as lamps to light up my face and the wall behind me. I wanted simple and little distraction. No makeup, hair wet and down from recently taking a shower, I didn’t want anything cosmetic or fake, I just wanted me. Then I wanted to depict the Loud, Bubbly, Happy side of me. When I first got my lights, I started playing with them. I wanted to do action shots of me moving my hair around, moving my face and taking a slightly longer exposure while moving. And then it hit me! I could do a photo with one side of the image as my raw face, no emotion no happiness, makeup, hair fixed, nothing and then split it down the center and have the fun movement side on the other. I took a ton of shots. I used my wireless IR remote to help me take the shots. The camera was set to auto focus and I sat inches away from the lens and shot for about an hour.

When I got to school, I still had time to edit the images. My teacher said it was fine to put two photos together to make one image, so I did. I wont bore you with the details but below are my two images. The ransom letter like one wasn’t my favorite but I think it got the point across. But the self portrait. Yeah. My teacher said I knocked it out of the park.


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