Principles of Photography Week 6

I know what you are thinking, what happened to week 5?! Week 5, it was a week off so we could study for our mid-term – no photo for that week. However, the photos for the Alphabet Assignment, I got 107% and my midterm 97.5%. YAY!

For week 6 we had to take photos in a new way. Pick a starting point and walk 100 steps or ten blocks and take 100 photos and make the most amazing photos ever. We could only pick one photo for this assignment as our best. Me being the over achiever that I am, did the assignment twice. I went to the park with my niece and my grandma and low and behold, there were a ton of Mini Coopers there. Perfect! I found a spot and hoped it was 100 steps, I found myself after counting out 100 steps several times until I got to the spot I wanted, haha. The pictures were alright, a little fuzzy on the ones I wanted to use most but that was my fault for not looking through the view finder – rookie mistake.

The second set of photos, I walked over to a picnic table and just sat there watching. The river was next to the picnic area so I watched people jump into the water and play and have fun. I grabbed my 200mm lens and went to town. My niece then come see me at the picnic area and I photographed her while she played with leaves and ate her peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

After looking at the photos in class, I definitely failed at taking photos of cars, haha. I mean they weren’t terrible but they weren’t fantastic either. My strongest photos were the candid shots of my niece and of the people playing at the river. I initially submitted the car photo first – I had not even looked at the photos of the people or my niece yet – and realized that I should have looked at both sets first before I submitted my photo. I told Mr. Finke, in a note in my folder that I had done the assignment twice and realized I need to stick to watching people rather than taking photos of cars. When we got back to class the following week, Mr. Finke decided to show my photo first, I didn’t know which set of photos, if not both, he had chosen. He went with my people photos and my second set of photos. The class looked through my contact sheet, nothing too exciting I guess. My classmates shouted out their favorites and we looked at the images larger and no one picked the one I had chosen. They did pick the runner up however. Mr. Finke then showed the class my pick, the huge full wall projection of my picture. As soon as it was loaded there were instant, “Whoa!” “Wow!” “Beautiful!” remarks amongst the class. One guy even got out of his seat to get a better look at the image. I was grinning with excitement. I had definitely picked the right image. Grade 97%






And this one is the one that I chose for the assignment


3 thoughts on “Principles of Photography Week 6

  1. P.S.
    I didn’t mean I don’t like your car photo, they were strong graphically and beautiful cars make us go ooh! But a little girl’s face tug at the heart. I know cause I have a four year old grand daughter. I guess that makes me prejudice…..

    htty, SteveP

    • Haha, that doesn’t make you prejudice, it makes you have a special connection with the photo which in turn makes it more personal to you! That is what photography is about, relating to it and internalizing it to make it have more meaning to us. Without that personal connection to a photo, then it is just “some picture”.

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