Principles of Photography Week 11

This is the final week of class. We have been given two weeks to work on our final projects – subject: SIN. Yeah, I chose urban. We started with a list of topics and it was narrowed down to, SIN. Personally as A Believer, I’m not a fan of the topic but this was for school so I did what I was told and I came up with a concept for SIN.

There had to be four to six images in the final collection for SIN and they also had to be window mounted or dry mounted (I chose window). From the moment the subject was chosen, I knew what I wanted to do. Single simple items on a black background. The items would be white and shot from above and I would do six total shots on two 11×14 mat boards. I was able to scoot by with free boards from my teacher’s friend and oh my goodness did that save me some cash, not to mention he helped me figure out the size of my windows for no cost. I wanted to have my windows square. Only thing left to figure out, what exactly was I going to shoot?

I made a grocery list that was the following:

  • Cigarettes
  • Condoms
  • Ash tray
  • Razor Blade
  • Playing Cards
  • Lighter
  • Fork

Kind of a crazy shopping list I know. But Sin. Sin to me were things that I thought people did that weren’t completely socially accepted by all. Some people don’t appreciate smoker and the smell of them. Some people don’t appreciate the risque lifestyle of others. Some people don’t appreciate people using drugs and or talking about hurting themselves, same goes with gambling and eating certain foods – you just cannot please everyone. However, we all have our certain standards and mine are, simply put, I don’t like most of these things. Smoking is gross; sex is supposed to be meant for someone special; drugs or hurting ones self is a no no; gambling – I don’t understand why people willingly throw money away; and eating too much – this is something that is really hard to figure out, it isn’t that all people over eat, they just don’t eat well, something I am also guilty of.

I got to work on the project. I had some help from my friends – I went around asking all my guy friends if they had any condoms or cigarettes (they got the funniest looks on their faces when I asked, quite hilarious)! After collecting all my items at minimal cost, I got to shooting. I think the hardest part of shooting was the fact I had to shoot 120 photos minimum for my contact sheet. It was pretty easy to get the shot I wanted in about ten shots and with six images that was only 60-ish images for the contact sheets! I needed more. I decided to use photos I shot over the weekend at a concert of loud screaming metal music and added those in for my SIN project too, that definitely got me over the 120 mark, haha.

Now here in the 11th week, it was critique of our final projects. I had my boards ready to go and was early to class that day. Finke, said to someone randomly, “Pick a number.” and from that he chose a person off the attendance list and we began our critiques. Everyone had some really solid work, the improvement in my classmates was quite remarkable. Seeing them grow from day one to now was quite satisfying and gratifying – I was very proud of everyone, well most everyone.

Everyone took turns going up to look at everyone’s prints. We talked about them, good with the bad and then the “WOW!” a lot of people brought to the table. Then it was my turn. People were amazed at my simple design. I thought out carefully how I wanted to present my images. With the two boards directly next to each other they somewhat formed a die (like dice, not death) with five windows showing four images on the corners and two in the center. The images, they were singular objects but then I put one image in there where it had all the objects together to tell a story, like it had been a “fun” night of SIN and this is what it looked like after it was all said and done. I pulled the images from the right board and pulled them into the final image in the middle where everything was on the left center square to pull the two sets of images in together to make a complete thought.

People were impressed with my design of my presentation as well as the simplicity of it. They also liked the day to day items that sometimes we don’t think of as SIN but then again they could be depending on who you talk to. (The photo will be at the bottom of the post.)

Since this was the final class and second quarter is right around the bend, I’ll just tell you now, I got high A’s in my two photography classes and a low A in Color Theory. Current grade point average is 3.9 and I will take that!

Oh! One more thing! My teacher congratulated my classmate and myself on how well we did in the class and said we did some of the best work he’s seen for first quarter students and that we were really on our way.

Finke helped up submit images for the art gallery we have at school called, “The Wall”. It is a place were student’s work gets judged and placed up on the wall in the gallery to hang for the duration of the following quarter, so eleven weeks! I submitted my self portrait photo with the help of Mr. Finke, a lot of help! Haha.

Well that wraps it up for this post, a little wordy this time but hey, there was a lot to tell! I will get busy with the Quarter 2 classes: Large Format, Lighting and Digital Imaging 1.

Principles of Photography Quarter 1 Final Project representing SIN.

Principles of Photography Quarter 1 Final Project representing SIN.


Half of the classes representation of Sin, our images were placed up on the wall to show our final projects for the quarter.

2 thoughts on “Principles of Photography Week 11

  1. Stephanie,
    I can’t believe your quarter is already over. You have shown us some very good work and I look forward to your next quarter. Your confidence has grown as much as your photo skills. In the comments from week 9 you talked about your feeling and how you’re perceived. They are the feeling we all experience every day. It’s like a Van Gogh canvas with two images, one hidden under the other. We’re all slightly madd you know.

    I’ve been a teacher and public speaker without stage fright for years, but when I’m showing my photographs to my colleagues I am very sensitive and defensive, intimidated when challenged. Being accepted, respected and appreciated are the most important when it’s something we care strongly about. Strength in photography comes from knowing the work of your predecessors, and absorbing as much as possible of your contemporaries work. Although I’m old I’m learning from you. So keep on teaching, you young whipper snapper.

    • Haha, well thank you! I am still apprehensive when it comes to people – they straight up freak me out. And I mean the studio, family portaits – I just expect them to hate them and I am not ready for that kind of rejection. That is my weakness, photographing people in the studio, but, I am learning so that is the most important part!

      I am excited to see that you are learning from me as well! I have gone through another quarter, it was Large Format photography with a 4×5 camera and lighting class. I’ll have to write a blog entry or two on the entire experience of it all.

      This next week is finals week so I should have a little free time in my future.

      See you soon!

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