I Hate Snow

I seriously do, I HATE SNOW! You know it is one thing to live here in Denver, Colorado, in the city and have snow and then have the Rocky Mountains and them have snow. Incase you were wondering, Denver is not a mountain town, it is on the brink of the prairie just miles from the start of Tornado Alley. But let us get back to the subject at hand here – I HATE SNOW! The weather at the beginning of February was in the 70s (degrees Fahrenheit), now it’s 1 degree and it hasn’t stopped snowing since yesterday afternoon and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop until next Wednesday. I am grateful that my school closed today but at the same time now I have to make sure I get time off of work next week before class on Wednesday, but will I be able to get there… Oh now I hate snow.

Only good thing to come from snow are the beautiful pictures.



2 thoughts on “I Hate Snow

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes it’s been a harsh winter. It almost got down to freezing hear a couple nights, today a it’s bright and shiny 74 degrees. I had to cast off my sweatshirt before noon. There’s a reason why to live in Phoenix (“the valley of the sun”). However it gets so hot here in the summer I’ve had film emulsion reticulate in the camera. Any way, I definitely enjoyed you photo, it does capture winter at it’s best.

    Happy trails,

    • Thanks Steve! Yeah my family wants to move down there REALLY bad, lol. I hope to get to move somewhere where it is warmer or somewhere were it isn’t so spread out as far as where everything is. We will see! I am glad you enjoyed the photo!

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